Introducing Cuong Anh Authentic

To put the brand Herbal tea for weight gain / loss – Cường Anh Authentic growing and developing nationwide and being trusted by many consumers today.

We cannot help but mention Nguyen Nhat Anh – Founder as well as finding the secret to safe weight gain / loss with 100% natural ingredients.

Nguyễn Nhật Anh She is a beautiful student of the Academy of Journalism and Communication “business comes to her as a predestined relationship that she never thought of”.

The story begins 3 years ago, with the advantage of appearance, Nhat Anh used to be a Buddhist teacher and was quite busy with this job. There are days when she has to run to 4 shows from 5am to 12pm.

Too much working time together with an upset diet, causing Nhat Anh to gain weight quickly. Her body is no longer beautiful, causing her show count to decrease a lot. Difficult work, criticized by friends, severely downgraded appearance made Nhat Anh depressed for a long time.

However, it is also thanks to that, Nhat Anh decided to find an effective and safe way to lose weight.

Initially, she found weight loss exercises online along with strict diet. Although effective, but due to lack of quality, the face becomes pale, the health situation is also seriously impaired.

Knowing that diet is not a safe way to lose weight, Nhat Anh stopped and continued to find other solutions.

She was then introduced by a friend to a weight loss drug from abroad. Hearing that the drug is very effective, Nhat Anh thought that he had found a divine weight loss drug.

But life was not like a dream, after a few days of taking medicine, Nhat Anh found his body uncomfortable, dizziness, nausea and going out made her no longer dare to drink again, knowing that this is not a safe way to lose weight.

Nhat Anh continues to find for himself a method to lose fat that is both effective and safe for the body.

Fortunately, she smiled at her when she was told by her relatives that a few herbs when combined will bring immediate weight loss effects that are absolutely safe for the body.

Consistently using the drug for 1 month, Nhat Anh is happy to see the excess fat disappear, the slim body is obvious, everyone is surprised. Instead of being criticized as before, Nhat Anh received many compliments and countless questions about the secret to losing weight.

There was even a status posting because they were so happy to lose weight that many friends commented asking for the secret.

Realizing that the need to lose weight is very high potential for a large market, and its products are safe and effective, Nhat Anh started to do business, taking the brand name as 
Herbal tea Cuong Anh”

Due to the young age, not much experience, the first time Japan Anh faced many difficulties. Many times being deceived, along with opposition from her family made her seem like she wanted to fall.

Even so, Nhat Anh is still determined to bring solutions to people who used to like her, also worry about her physique.

Wanting everyone to be able to own a slim body, Nhat Anh is still persisting on the way of doing business and setting up his own company.

Although it has only been in operation since February 2017, but up to now, Công Ty TNHH SX TM & DV Cường Anh Authentic has come on 2000 
branches – dealers – distributors all over the country with thousands of products being sold to the market every day.

The herbal tea product Cuong Anh – Cuong Anh Authentic gives those who still have low self-esteem with their body a great solution to help “slim waist, beautiful shape” in just a short time.

1 month, you can completely lose / gain from 3 to 5 kg without having to worry about side effects or the weight gain / loss again when stopping taking the drug.

New, with development and reputation In business, Cuong Anh Authentic was honored to be in the top 100 famous brands and brands in 2017, and received a certificate of merit honoring the brand of safe food for public health in 2017.

Nhat Anh himself was also awarded the Certificate of Merit for Entrepreneur Sac – Tam – Tai 2017 and the brand Cuong Anh Authentic is also among the top 20 typical Asian (Asia) beauty products and services in Vietnam.

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